Master Tips to Save Your Life in Dying Light 2



Dying Light 2’s map can seem a bit challenging in terms of all the things to do, places to explore, and adventures you can have. It’s worth focussing on a few things first, to get the upper hand before you start.

New to the Dying Light 2 and looking how to master the game? Here are mentioned the tips and strategies that will help you avoid being eaten by zombies. 

1. Parkour is everything

It’s a good idea to get out of a jam by sprinting, jumping, and dashing. Running across the city’s roofs is also a safe way to do about, particularly at night. There are usually fewer zombies up there, implying that the risk gets reduced.

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Switching between regions in Dying Light 2 is also a breeze. Even early in the game, you’ll be surprised at how far you can jump.

2. Soft landing spots

Landing sites are one thing to keep an eye out for it. It can be complex to figure out how to get down to ground level securely and swiftly while you’re up high. Keep your eyes out for mattresses with X markers on them on the ground. You can land on them for a secure and comfortable landing. What’s less clear is that you can use the roof of a car or the top of a bus to cushion the impact of your impact.

3. Find inhibitors for more stamina

In our opinion, stamina is your most valuable asset and increasing it will help you survive longer and fight more zombies. Stamina not only allows you to climb further. But it also allows you to wield your melee weapon for longer.

Fortunately, locating inhibitors is a way to enhance your stamina. Inhibitors will get faced early in the game. Thus you should be familiar with them. 

4. Upgrading your skills

You can update your attire (more on that later), your weapons, your talents in addition to your health and stamina.

Combat and parkour are two types of skills. These get earned by stringing together moves. Fighting zombies and bandits will naturally help you gain combat skill points, which you can then upgrade your skills and abilities.

5. Avoiding death by lack of immunity

You’re investigating inside a structure, a skull, and a timer will appear at the top of your screen to indicate how much immunity you have left. You’ll perish if the timer reaches zero. As a result, it’s critical to keep that timer full, or at the very least not let it fall too low.

6. Blue diamonds and markers

When cruising the rooftops, you’ll notice two types of indicators: blue diamonds and blue markers. These are simple mini-quests. Some are simply fellow survivors who require assistance since they have been bitten and require an immunity boost. If you go over to them and give them one, they’ll reward you.

7. Loot zombies for goodies

Killing zombies is entertaining. But looting them is also advantageous because you’ll obtain random materials and Infected Trophies.

8. Start the windmills

Check out the map for various windmills. These can get triggered for benefits, including a safe zone in the area.

9. Stealth and distraction

When at all possible, you should use stealth. If you’re sneaking through a structure, you can utilize your survivor sense to locate zombies and creep up behind them to perform a takedown. It’s also beneficial to be distracted. Gas canisters can be picked up from the floor, ignited, and then thrown.

10.How to repair your weapons

Unfortunately, there is no visible way to repair your weapons when broken. As a result, you may wind up using them until they sell them at a store when they’re no longer usable.

11. Clothing

There are various types of clothing in the game, each with its own set of characteristics and suitability for a specific playstyle.

13. Find more things with your binoculars

You’ve got binoculars to look around with it. To equip them, press B on the PC. They can spot attackers, but they can also locate items on the map.


So, that’s all about the tips and tricks to master the Dying Light 2 game. We hope this guide will help you in enjoying the game while taking you for the long run. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!!



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