How to get brutal and survival medals in Call of Duty Mobile?



There are various medals available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 that can get used to demonstrate a player’s capabilities and abilities in the game rather than merely capturing a screenshot of a milestone reached.

These medals are allocated across three main modes in Season 10: multiplayer, battle royale, and zombies. Furthermore, the conditions for earning each of the awards vary depending on the type of medal.

So, to obtain a medal in cod mobile, you must meet certain conditions and complete a mission. For example, you can only gain a crackdown medal in the list of “scorestreak medals” after you kill an opponent with a Sentry gun. Continue scrolling to find the complete process. 

How to get a brutal medal in cod mobile?

The Brutal medal is a killstreak award found in multiplayer games. As a result, in multiplayer mode, always play as a team. This prize gets granted to the player who kills 25 enemies in a row without dying.

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The Best play and teamwork can easily earn this medal since your teammates can assist you in achieving your goal by giving cover in bad conditions and lowering the danger of death from unnecessary fights.

How to get a survivor medal in cod mobile?

To earn a Survivor medal, you must kill the player with the best score. Furthermore, this can only get done in multiplayer mode. Therefore you’ll have to play a multiplayer battle to complete the objective. That gets readily accomplished by focusing on an enemy with a low health point.


In team-based game variants, getting the Brutal medal is easy because your teammates can protect you in complex situations. You can also aim for the award on smaller maps because you’ll encounter foes more frequently and be able to take advantage of choke points. It’s perfectly acceptable to sit in the location while attempting to obtain the Brutal medal.

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