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Is Dark Season 4 Confirmed or Cancelled? check everything about the show



Fans of In The Dark were happy when the series was renewed in January 2020 for a much-anticipated third season, with filming set to wrap on April 2, 2021, leaving many fans wondering about the series’ future and whether there would be an In The Dark Season 4. The CW is known for canceling series on occasion. Despite this, it appears to have an excellent track record of keeping its originals alive because the crime drama series has a devoted fan base.

This Series is a Corinne Kingsbury-created US crime drama that premiered in the mid-season of 2018–19 on “The CW.” On January 30, 2018, the CW formally ordered the pilot. The Series got then lit green on May 11, 2018. It’s the first CW Primetime show to have Descriptive Video Service Audio. The CW, on the other hand, is not required to have any DVS provisions for the audio description of its affiliates as required by the rule because it is a tiny network.

Because this series has developed a devoted following, it will be wonderful to learn that another chapter is already in the works before the third season. The only question that has to get posed is when Dark Season 4 begins?

So there you have it: everything you need to know about “In Dark Season 4’s” release date, cast, trailer, and expected plot.

A Brief Review of Dark Season 3

The third season series In the Dark aired from June 23 to October 6, 2021. Let’s examine the third season of In the Dark. Critics have praised Season 3 of In the Dark. Towards the end of the third season of the show In the Dark, we see Max, Murphy, and Felix go to Josiah for answers about Jess, and Gene makes a bold move.

Things start to get awkward as Murphy and her friends have to ride out the storm together. When Murphy’s behavior spirals out of control, Felix takes matters into his own hands.

Later on, Murphy feels alienated and alone. She takes solace in the familiar, but things happen, and she gets left to her own devices.

With the walls closing in on them, Trey and Murphy make a desperate move. Later, as Murphy gets closer to figuring out what happened to Jess, Josh and Clemens move closer to finding Murphy.

Murphy eventually learns the truth about what happened to Jess, forcing her to examine herself more closely. Let’s see how things progress.

When will the fourth season of In the Dark premiere?

Season 4 of In the Dark has yet to get an official release date from the CW. The third season of the drama series premiered on The CW on June 23, and season 3 can be the final season of the drama series. However, the next chapter may take a while.

We anticipate that “In the Dark Season 4” will have 13 episodes, just as in the previous seasons. It looks like it’ll get renewed soon.

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Season 4 of In the Dark gets set to debut soon. After it has aired on television, it may be accessible on Netflix in the fall.

Where Can You Watch In The Dark?

You should watch all of the seasons if you haven’t already. You can watch all three seasons of the show on Netflix right now.

The show was also in the top ten on Netflix. As a result, the show gained the attention it deserved.

Who will appear in the fourth season of In the Dark?

No one knew who would star in Season 4 of In the Dark because the official producers did not announce the cast. But it will also be influenced by what happens in the following iteration. Mattfeld and a few other regulars get expected to return. There will undoubtedly be some fresh additions to the mix.

What does Will happen in Season 4 of In The Dark?

Murphy, a blind and irreverent lady in her thirties, focuses on Season 4 of In The Dark. She only has two friends: Jess, her understanding roommate, and Tyson, an adolescent drug dealer who rescued her from a vicious attack. While out for a walk with her guide dog, Pretzel, she stumbles across Tyson’s body but flees before the cops arrive. Murphy clings on the only thing that can keep her together if they don’t appear inclined to look into it. In her colorful life, she chooses to investigate the murder case at “Guiding Hope,” a school run by her parents.


Fans should not expect a trailer for In the Dark Season 4 until the producers announce the release date. When there is any formal confirmation, we will be sure to share a teaser with you to help kick off the frenzy. Visit the page regularly as we’ll keep you posted about the official release dates of the much-awaited season of Dark Horse. Till then, stay tuned with us!!

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Winter Olympics 2022 Opening Ceremony Celebrated by Google




“Winter Games 2022 Begin!” declares the Google Doodle.

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2022 gets commemorated by Google with an animated Doodle on its search homepage. The Google Doodle features animals on the ice playing various games. The 17-day multi-sport event will be held in Beijing, China, and will end on February 20. There will be 109 events spread over seven sports and 15 disciplines.

Over 2,800 athletes from 91 countries will compete in the Winter Olympics 2022. With a blend of animation effects and graphics, the new Google Doodle seeks to depict that convergence.

The Google Doodle portrays competitive critters competing in events like bobsleigh, ice hockey, and snowboarding to give a peek at the games getting performed at the Winter Olympics 2022. When you move your cursor over the animated Doodle, you’ll see the message “Winter Games 2022 Begin!”

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When you click the Google Doodle, you’ll be taken to a search page with the keyword “winter Olympics” to get the most recent results from the games. The top of the search page also displays notable events to assist you in navigating the game schedule and deciding what you can watch.

According to the Doodles page, the new Google Doodle is visible in many parts of the world, including India, Australia, Canada, Russia, and the United States, among others.

The Winter Olympics 2022, often known as Beijing 2022, gets held in the Beijing National Stadium.

Due to the Galway Valley skirmishes in June 2020, India has chosen not to participate in the event’s opening and closing ceremonies at the diplomatic level. Doordarshan will not broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies of the games as the decision taken by the External Affairs Ministry.

Dates and Schedule of Beijing 2022 Sports

Here’s the given the complete information for the dates and schedules of Beijing 2022 sports. Mark the events and enjoy the winter Olympics to the fullest.

  • Alpine skiing (Feb 6-11; Feb 13; Feb 15-17; Feb 19)
  • Bobsleigh (Feb 13-15; Feb 18-20)
  • Biathlon (Feb 5; Feb 7-8; Feb 11-13; Feb 15-16; Feb 18-19)
  • Cross-country skiing (Feb 5-6; Feb 8; Feb 10-13; Feb 16; Feb 19-20)
  • Curling (Feb 2-20)
  • Freestyle skiing (Feb 3; Feb 5-10; Feb 13-19)
  • Figure skating (Feb 4; Feb 6-8; Feb 10; Feb 12; Feb 14-15; Feb 17-20)
  • Ice hockey (Feb 3-20)
  • Luge (Feb 5-9)
  • Nordic combined (Feb 9; Feb 15; Feb 17)
  • Snowboard (Feb 5-12; Feb 14-15)
  • Ski jumping (Feb 5-7; Feb 11-12; Feb 14)
  • Skeleton (Feb 10-12)
  • Speed skating (Feb 5-8; Feb 10-13; Feb 15; Feb 17-19)
  • Short track speed skating (Feb 5; Feb 7; Feb 9; Feb 11; Feb 13; Feb 16)

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Tesla Recalls Over 800,000 Vehicles in the US for Seat Belt




Tesla recalls over 817,000 vehicles in the United States because the seat belt reminder chimes may not sound when the car gets started, and the driver not buckled up. The recall affects the Model S sedan and Model X SUV from 2021 to 2022, as well as the Model 3 sedan from 2017 to 2022 and the Model Y SUV from 2020 to 2022, according to documents filed by safety authorities on Thursday. When the automobile gets started, the chimes must sound, and when the front seatbelts get buckled, they must cease.

The problem occurs only if the driver leaves the car in the previous driving cycle while the chime is ringing, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall documentation.

Early this month, Tesla will send out an over-the-air software update to solve the problem. Without the chime, a driver may not realize their seat belt is unbuckled, increasing the risk of harm during a crash, according to the safety agency.

According to the documents, the corporation does not aware of any crashes or injuries problem. There is still a visible seat belt reminder.

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The issue was detected on January 6 by the Automobile Testing and Research Institute of South Korea. According to the documents, Tesla conducted an investigation and found that a recall got required on January 25. If the vehicle travels faster than 22 km/h and the driver’s seatbelt is not secured, the chime will continue to sound.

The recall is the largest in the company’s US history. It comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, is increasing its scrutiny of the Austin, Texas-based firm.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla will recall over 54,000 cars and SUVs because its “Full Self-Driving” software allows them to go through stop signs without coming to a complete stop.

Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software gets tested on public roads by a select group of owners. It can’t drive itself. Therefore drivers must be ready to intervene at any time, according to the business.

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Ford Motor is investing up to $20 billion in electric vehicles




Ford, GM, Volvo, and others are making rapid modifications to gain a piece of the EV pie in a crowded market. Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday that Ford Motor is proposing an extra investment of up to $20 billion (approximately Rs. 1,49,935 crore) in its electric vehicles.

The investment of $10 billion (approximately Rs. 74,940 crores) to $20 billion (about Rs. 1,49,935 crore) will be spaced out over the next five to ten years, according to the latest report. And it will include transitioning its present factories throughout the world to electric-vehicle manufacture.

The No. 2 US manufacturer has already vowed to spend over $30 billion (approximately Rs. 224860 crores) on EVs, including battery development, by 2030 under a plan dubbed “Ford+” aimed at making it more valuable to investors as a technology firm.

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According to the story, the latest campaign gets led by a former Apple and Tesla executive. Doug Field, a former Apple employee who previously worked at Tesla, joined Ford last year as the company’s advanced technology and embedded systems director.

Major manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, and Volvo Cars are undertaking rapid modifications to compete with rival Tesla in a competitive EV market.

Ford has considered spinning off a tiny section of its electric vehicle business as part of the reorganization, according to the report, to capture value in an electric startup environment encouraged by investor sentiment.

According to the source, the new strategy includes recruiting undefined engineers to work on ideas like battery chemistry, artificial intelligence, and electric vehicle software, highlighting the increasing importance of software and digital connectivity in the sector.

“We’re implementing our ambitious Ford+ strategy to change the firm and prosper in the future era of connected, electrified vehicles,” a spokeswoman for the company said, adding that the company does not comment on rumors or speculations. On Tuesday, Ford’s stock surged as much as 2.7 percent.

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